Arkeden Tibetan Terriers

Welcome, friends and visitors!

You can meet us at our home, where we enjoy gardening
when we're not busy grooming!  
Some weekends, we can be found exhibiting at regional dog shows,
training at local classes, or working on other dog club activities. 

Medford is about 20 miles east of Philadelphia,
a rural community in the heart of Burlington County.  Nearby Johnson's Farm is preserved for farming, hayrides, and a fresh produce market.  Medford Village is small business main street, home to the Pop Shop and 2 microbreweries. 

Please contact us if you wish to visit our dogs. 
All visits must be by appointment,
so please let us know you are coming!
Jackie Faust

 when I'm not busy with dogs.....
When I'm not busy with the dogs....

I'm a printing and office furniture professional with my own company, Officeware, LLC.  I currently publish several dog newsletters and magazines, and I also sell printing, promotional items and office furniture.


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